Grace Burrowes' "What a Lady Needs For Christmas" (#4 in the MacGregors series)

What a Lady Needs for Christmas - Grace Burrowes


Bah humbug!  I think the author phoned this one in to the publisher. So much filler and verbosity!  For example, an entire chapter where nothing happens except 2 of the side characters in the story hanging balls of mistletoe around the house. Just weird. The blackmail plot against the heroine is flimsy and unconvincing and so is the fact that the hero, a self-made middle-class factory owner, and his family are the ONLY non-family and ONLY non-aristocrats invited to spend several weeks around Christmas at the Earl of Balfour's home in the western Scottish Highlands. There were lots of other plot points that were unconvincing, but I don't want to belabour all the details. The cover is gorgeous, though.