Elizabeth Hoyt's "Dearest Rogue" (#8 in the Maiden Lane series)

Dearest Rogue (Maiden Lane) - Elizabeth Hoyt


Three stars. The characters are good, the love scenes are scorching, as one would expect from Elizabeth Hoyt. The plot, though - oy vey!  Lady Phoebe, sister of the Duke of Wakefield (hero of Duke of Midnight, #6 in the Maiden Lane series) has been slowly going blind. Her brother assigns her a guard, Captain James Trevillion, who is fiercely loyal, madly in love with Phoebe, and has a bad leg. Lady Phoebe, who is about 12 years younger than James, and is portrayed more like a 16 year old than a 21 year old, gradually falls in love with James, even though he is not "suitable" for her to marry, being of a considerably lower social rank than she.  The love story unfolds as the result of Lady Phoebe being kidnapped - not just once or twice, but three times. Did the author run out of ideas for plot development, or what?  And the final explanation of the kidnappings is so stupid as to defy belief. I hope Elizabeth Hoyt doesn't make the creep who was finally revealed as being responsible for the kidnappings into a hero of any of her stories.