Double Deception - Patricia Oliver

Very interesting story (I couldn't put it down and this morning I'm regretting that!), but multiple problems in the story don't allow me to give it more than 2.5 stars. There are several *extremely* annoying characters in the book (especially Lady Ridgeway and her husband) and I tended to skim through the sections where they were featured in the story, once I realized that they were just plot devices rather than actual characters. The age difference between the heroine and the hero (14 years) is too much for me to easily accept their HEA. The heroine jumps from being engaged to a very young and naive man, to marrying his father in the space of a few weeks - that is just too much to take in stride, and I don't see how they would all be able to live comfortably together after the marriage - the situation seems too squicky to me. Finally, there seems to be a lot of padding toward the end of the story, when the hero and heroine are supposed to get together, but the required Traditional Regency page count hasn't been reached - the ending is just way too drawn out and silly.