The Highwayman - Kerrigan Byrne

I'd read some rave reviews of this book, so I bought it with high hopes of a great read. But it was not to be. The hero's kinks (making love without touching???), the timeline of the hero's rise from literally nothing to being the greatest crime lord in England was completely unbelievable, and the big showdown with the villain toward the end of the book was just ridiculous. (The villain has been hiding for months in a filthy, stinking cellar which is accessed through a thinly-covered hidden door in the heroine's bedroom, yet she never hears or smells anything until she's abducted by the villain and taken down there??) I never could figure out why the hero's father would want to kill him. Too many parts of the story were not true to the Victorian period in England in which it happens, for example the heroine being taken into the cell with the violent prisoner to record the questioning. And WAY too much melodrama! Cannot recommend this one.