Tall, Dark, and Wicked (Wicked Trilogy) - Madeline Hunter

Another good one by Madeline Hunter. This one is about Ywain (or Ives) Hemingford, the youngest legitimate son of the Duke of Aylesbury. He works as a barrister (there is an explanation in the book about why he does this, something not usually done by high-ranking aristocrats) and his next assignment for the government is to prosecute the case of a counterfeiter. The counterfeiter's daughter Padua, meanwhile, asks him to defend her father in his trial, having got his name from a prostitute in Newgate prison, where her father is being held. The two of them are highly attracted to each other, and Ives risks a great deal in his life and career by helping Padua figure out who is behind the counterfeiting scheme instead of just going ahead and prosecuting her father as the powers-that-be want him to do. By the end of the book the actual counterfeiters are caught (although it was still not clear to me if her father was part of the scheme or not) and Ives and Padua get their HEA.


There is a lot to like in the book - the main characters are likeable and intelligent, the setting is believably Regency, the romance is hot, and the interplay between Ives and his two surviving brothers is enjoyable and humorous. There is also a mystery about the death/murder of the oldest brother, whom the other brothers all hated - maybe this will be the mystery aspect of the last volume of this trilogy.