Fortune Favors the Wicked - Theresa Romain

Interesting story, on the surface a mystery about a huge robbery of some freshly-minted gold sovereigns from the Royal Mint, but actually a very nice character-driven love story with two wonderful protagonists. The hero Benedict is just delicious - one of the best I've encountered - a blind former sailor who has written a book about his travels with the Royal Navy. The heroine Charlotte is a woman with a past - in London she was a courtesan, a career choice she was forced to make when she was ruined by the local squire's son, but her father is a country vicar and apparently unaware of how Charlotte supports herself. Now she has left London and her career because her last protector abused her and slashed her face, and she decides to join in the search for the coins, in hopes of helping her family and maybe figuring out what to do with herself..  


On the negative side - the book has a few too many side plots which are unrelated to either the coin mystery or the love story, and are not fully resolved, especially the subplot about Charlotte's abusive protector and the harm he does to her family - I don't think he got the comeuppance he deserved. One entire chapter devoted is to Benedict's sister as she decides to join the search for the coins, but ultimately this has no connection to Benedict's and Charlotte's story and looks mostly like sequel bait (but I'll take it!) So - 4 stars for a flawed but well-told story.