Put Up Your Duke: A Dukes Behaving Badly Novel - Megan Frampton

I enjoyed the second book in this series (One-Eyed Dukes Are Wild), so was anticipating similar enjoyment from this book. Not to be, however. This one, about a woman who has never been allowed to be "herself" but was always expected to be perfect, and a man who has never had to take much responsibility for anything besides getting as much pleasure as possible out of life, is basically boring.


The hero has suddenly become a duke through some dubious legal technicalities, and is coerced into marrying the deposed duke's fiancee by her parents. Much of the book takes place in the heroine's rather uninteresting head, and most of the rest taking place in the hero's one-track mind - he has decided that his wife (they are married very early in the book) should be the one to decide when the marriage would be consummated, i.e. when she finally decides that she actually wants to do the deed, even though she has led a ridiculously sheltered and restricted life and knows virtually nothing about relations between men and women. Well, to me this is beyond belief - a man in his position, at that time in history, would not have been interested in "making marriage work" or letting his wife decide "when" they would consummate the marriage. A woman of that time knew what was expected of her in marriage, and she would have gone along with it. Pleasure was a bonus, not a requirement. But of course, this book is not *really* taking place at that time in history - it's just dressed up to look that way,