Anthology - "Tea for Two"

Tea for Two - Cathy Maxwell, Liz Carlyle

My rating is only for Liz Carlyle's story, which is very enjoyable, although I had to get more than half-way through the story before the hero and heroine started to appeal to me.

Characters from several of Carlyle's novels appear as secondary characters in this story: Lord and Lady Treyhern from Beauty Like The Night, Cole Amherst and Jonet, as well as Jonet's sons, from A Woman Scorned. The story takes place about 10 years after A Woman Scorned, because Jonet's sons are 20 and almost 18 years old, respectively, here. But Lord and Lady Treyhern just have a small child (besides Treyhern's daughter Ariane from his first marriage), so their story must have taken place only a year or 2 before this one.