Anthology - "It Happened One Season"

It Happened One Season - Stephanie Laurens, Mary Balogh, Jacquie D'Alessandro, Candice Hern

Stephanie Laurens' - 5 stars (surprising, since I didn't really like her story about the heroine's sister in the previous collection "It Happened One Night") - lots of fun.
Mary Balogh's story - 4 stars - a lovely story.
Candice Hern's - interesting setup (the heroine has a bad hip and an over-protective family while the hero is affected with PTSD from the wars) but rather dull execution - 2.5 stars.
Haven't read the remaining story by Jacquie d'Alessandro yet.

I agree with several reviews I've seen that the requirements for the stories, which the 4 authors agreed upon, were perhaps a bit too restrictive and made the stories start out almost identically, even though each author then developed her story in her own style and they ended up being quite distinct.