Emma Lange's "The Irish Earl's Ruse"

Irish Earl's Ruse (Signet Regency Romance) - Emma Lange

Fantastic read. Tons of angst, wonderful feel for the Regency period and the Thoroughbred horse-breeding culture that was part of it. (I've read other historical romances with a horse-breeding theme, but most of them bored me, unfortunately.) Lange did a great job with the Irish aspect of the story, emphasizing the injustices being done to the Irish in that historical period. She also brought up the Protestant vs Catholic religious issue near the end of the book, and skirted around it lightly by stating that the first-born son of the O'Neill family was always baptized as a Protestant. Not sure if this was ever done in fact at that time, but kudos to her anyway for not ignoring the issue completely, as often happens in an Irish-English fictional romance.

Some fine secondary characters in the story as well, especially Gussie, the heroine's free-spirited grandmother.

(This is the last of Emma Lange's books I will be rating. I tried reading one other book and disliked it, but I didn't add it to my reviews. Overall I am somewhat disappointed in Lange's books - was expecting better plots, more romance and better character development than she typically delivered. Mary Balogh is still my "gold standard", particularly in the Traditional Regency genre.)