Liz Carlyle's "Three Little Secrets"

Three Little Secrets - Liz Carlyle

Wonderful story. The plot has certain similarities with 2 of Mary Balogh's stories - her early novel "A Chance Encounter" and a more recent novella called "Spellbound" (published in 2008 in "It Happened One Night") which is one of my all-time favourites of hers. The premise of all these stories is a very young couple falling madly in love and eloping to Scotland to get married because the girl's family is dead set against the marriage. The girl's father finds out and follows them to Scotland, has the young man beaten almost to death and convinces the girl, who is too young to know better, that the marriage is annulled and to return to her family. And then years later, the couple meets up again, realizes what actually happened and has to come to terms with it and with the decisions they made so many years ago. Liz Carlyle added a few nice twists of her own to the basic plot and her telling of it is just as effective and affecting as Balogh's.