Jo Beverley's "The Rogue's Return" - #12 in the Rogues series

The Rogue's Return - Jo Beverley

Wow! The first Regency romance I've encountered that could officially qualify as CanLit (Canadian Literature), having both a Canadian author and a Canadian setting for a significant portion the book.

The story starts in Canada, in old "muddy York", which eventually became the city of Toronto, the area where I have lived for most of my life, so the book gets a star for that. Nicely portrayed, too. The story is not much of a romance per se, since the heroine loves the hero right from the start and the hero realizes that he loves her fairly soon into the book. Mostly it is about their journey back to England. The hero has to return to take up his duties as the heir to the Earl of Marlowe, as well as redress some injustices towards the Canadian aboriginal tribes who aided the British during the Napoleonic Wars. Meanwhile the heroine, who was impersonating someone else while she was in Canada, has to tell the truth to her husband, and struggles with both herself and some others who figure out, or come close to figuring out, the truth. Very, very nicely told.