Teresa Medeiros' "Heather and Velvet"

Heather and Velvet - Teresa Medeiros

Hallelujah! Medeiros hits it out of the park with this one! It has everything - great characters, including minor ones, great plot (OK, it goes a bit over the top toward the end, but what the heck, it's a romance), suspense, farce, villainy, action, cats, fantastic scenery, and of course a great love story.

A few tiny quibles - poison oak (a species of sumac) only grows in North America, and I highly doubt that they would have been waltzing at Tricia's masquerade ball in 1791 in Northumberland. The waltz really only became popular a couple of decades later. The cover misrepresents the H/H rather badly - Prudence would never have regarded Sebastian with that doe-eyed submissive look - she had a lot more spunk than the babe on the cover.