Eloisa James' "Once Upon a Tower" - #5 of the Fairytales series

Once Upon a Tower - Eloisa James

Not perfect, but there is so much to like about this book: the musically-gifted heroine, the emotional growing-up of both hero and heroine, who are both very young (22 and 19), the secondary romance, the delightful character of Layla, the heroine's stepmother who is more like a sister to her, the true-to-life (as opposed to over-the-top fantasy) god-awful initial sexual experiences of the main couple, who are both virgins when they marry, and how much they have to learn about themselves and each other. As always in Eloisa James' books, there is a lot of humour, and I love how Eloisa James wove music into the book, with respect and delight and wonder about the miracle of great music and musicianship.