Cecilia Grant's "A Woman Entangled" - #3 of the Blackshear family series

A Woman Entangled - Cecilia Grant

After reading willaful's excellent review of this book, all I can say is - I completely agree with her assessment. The 2 main characters are not very likeable at the beginning of the story, but Cecilia Grant makes them so believable as they struggle with themselves to finally do the right thing, which in this case is to be true to themselves. Wonderful character-driven story.

Some words about the love scenes - there are only two, both well-written, but the second one is extremely hot and goes into territory where few authors of Regency-set romance, at least of the ones I've read, dare to go, especially where one of the lovers is completely without sexual experience or knowledge. Some reviewers have commented that they didn't find this scene believable in view of the heroine's inexperience, but it worked for me.

I wonder which secondary characters will get their own story? Kate the heroine has a trio of sisters, and Viola, the self-assured (because she's so certain she's right) proto-feminist intellectual seems the most intriguing possibility.