Elizabeth Thornton's "Fallen Angel"

Fallen Angel - Elizabeth Thornton

Interesting book, although both the hero and heroine are extremely annoying at times. Most of their differences and difficulties could have been avoided simply by asking questions and telling each other what was going on. Especially from Maddie's side - she's a real spitfire, not afraid to say what she thinks and ask what she wants to know, except towards the hero - with him she seems to have swallowed her tongue for most of the book, and in the second half of the book this aspect became a bit tedious.

I really enjoyed the historical accuracy and settings in this book (except for a few typos - "palette" instead of "palate" several times, and a few others). It makes such a difference when the author knows what she's talking about with respect to the setting and culture of the time period of the story. One example is church-going - in the 18th and 19th centuries everyone went to church regularly, it was a huge part of rural social life, and the Anglican Church was a very powerful institution in Britain. But in many recent historical romances about this period in Britain (of the ones I've encountered, especially those by American authors) there is no mention of church, except in the novels where one of the main characters is a minister! Elizabeth Thornton didn't make this mistake.

Elizabeth Thornton (1940-2010) is a new author to me, but on the strength of my enjoyment of this book, she's now on my to-read authors list. Plus I found 13 of her books at the UBS last weekend to add to the 3 I already have!