Tessa Dare's "One Dance WIth a Duke" - #1 in the Stud Club series

One Dance with a Duke - Tessa Dare

On second reading this book was delightful. Amelia is an older heroine, impoverished, thinks herself "on the shelf" and has an immense sense of responsibility for her family (5 younger brothers, although only one is a character in the book). Spencer has a psychological malady that makes it difficult for him to be in society, and partly because of this seems to be an arrogant SOB at first. But after getting Amelia to marry him, basically on a whim, he reveals himself to be a sweet romantic at heart and completely head over heels for her. Beautiful love story and fantastic love scenes. Drawbacks - the plot has too many other things going on besides the love story, with Amelia's useless brother Jack really getting in the way, and the setup for the other 2 Stud Club books taking up too much of the plot, IMHO. I also could have done without the separation, because of Jack's stupidity, and the reconciliation at the end of the book - the fact that they love each other and would be together is completely obvious by this time and didn't need any reinforcement.