Elizabeth Mansfield's "A Splendid Indiscretion" and "The Grand Passion" (2 in 1)

A Splendid Indescretion and The Grand Passion - Elizabeth Mansfield

A little disappointed with the first story in the book - 2 stars. The heroine doesn't actually do anything TSTL as part of the plot, but being TSTL is one of the main points of her personality and it just didn't work for me.

The second one (The Grand Passion) has a great hero and heroine and a terrific premise and love story - 4 stars. It seemed like the short format for the story wasn't enough to give it a complete telling - the last part of the book (where the heroine goes to work in the hero's house as a maid) seemed a bit rushed, but otherwise the story is very, very good.