Lisa Kleypas' "Devil In Winter" - #3 in the Wallflowers series

Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas

Second time I've read this one, this time in the prescribed order of the Wallflowers series, after Lillian & Marcus' story. Enjoyed it just as much on the second reading, even though I started it with an extremely bad opinion of St. Vincent this time. But he does grow on one ;-) Evie is always delightful and she is the best of the Wallflowers so far. (I have trouble believing that Annabelle, Lillian and Daisy would be wallflowers in fact, given that Annabelle is supposed to be stunningly beautiful, and the Bowman sisters are wealthy heiresses.)

My only quibble is that Kleypas keeps referring to Cam Rohan, who is 25 years old in this book, as a "boy". Not!