Madeline Hunter's "Lady of Sin" - #7 in the Seducers series

Lady of Sin - Madeline Hunter

Another sensual winner from Madeline Hunter. Really, really enjoyed how the romance developed. A few really nice scenes with characters from "The Seducers" series (the birth of Dante's child and the wedding of Pen and Julian). The plot was quite good - part Oliver Twist, a bit of the 19'th century women's rights movement in England, part road novel. The plot did have a few holes that were glossed over, however, and the final resolution of the problem with the bad guy didn't quite work for me - I think he should have been dealt with a lot more severely, since he had committed several crimes and dishonourable acts, as well as probably 2 murders.

These last three books from "The Seducers" set (The Romantic, Lord of Sin and this one) worked very well as a trilogy for me, after being disappointed by "The Seducer" and deciding not to read the others involving Vergil, Dante and Adrian. Although I'm not sure if these 3 would work as well by themselves without at least knowing something of the members of the Duclairc family.