Julie Anne Long's "The Perils of Pleasure" - #1 of the Pennyroyal Green series

The Perils of Pleasure - Julie Anne Long

I enjoyed 3 of the other books in this series so much that I was expecting this one, the one that starts it all off, to be much better than it was. Colin and Madeleine are both very appealing, but we learn very little about Madeleine as a person until fairly late in the book. The cross-class aspect of their love story is not touched on at all, and this reduced the quality of the story for me - Madeleine had a small cheese shop in a village, and when that failed turned to "planning" - in any case, she is several classes lower than Colin and in England in 1820 this was a huge deal, if not a deal-breaker in most cases. So if the couple is mismatched in social class, the author *has* to deal with this in order for the HEA to have any believability.