Julia Quinn's "To Sir Phillip With Love" - #5 in the Bridgertons' series

To Sir Phillip, With Love - Julia Quinn

There could have been so much to like about this book - the premise, the hero Phillip, the heroine Eloisa, who comes into her own beautifully in this book, the twins. It almost hurts to think what a sensitive author like Mary Balogh could have achieved with this setup. The first half of the book was wonderful and I had high hopes for it. But as soon as the Bridgertons arrived on the scene, things went completely downhill, just one contrived plot element after another.

Among the annoyances of the second part - it seems to be a requirement for Quinn that it's not enough for the hero to tell the heroine he loves her, but he has to declare it multiple times over multiple pages, each time more forcefully than the previous one. Having grown up on Georgette Heyer's romances, where the emotion is mostly "between the lines", and enjoying Mary Balogh's books as I do, where emotions are felt more than declared, I find this over-the-top verbal emoting too much to take.