Madeline Hunter's "By Design" - #2 in the Medieval series

By Design - Madeline Hunter

Gave up on this one when the psycho Guy Leighton comes into the story. It was already a grim story before that, but reading about a psychopath who happens to be obsessed with the heroine and keeps her in his clutches by threatening to kill her brother (he's already slaughtered her father in cold blood) is just not my idea of a romantic read.

Madeline Hunter depicts 14th century England in her medieval novels as a time of bloodshed and extreme lawlessness, where only might makes right. Her main characters have to literally survive not only the general brutality but also overcome almost insurmountable differences of class and nationality (where the 2 nations are deadly enemies). If you enjoy that type of thing, then you'll enjoy Madeline Hunter's medieval books. The writing is very good, and her knowledge of the way people lived and worked in that era is excellent.