Lorraine Heath's "Surrender to the Devil"

Surrender to the Devil - Lorraine Heath

I really dislike novels where the opening scene describes the main characters only as falling instantly in lust with one another (with the attendant physical symptoms), like this one does. OK, I should qualify that - I really dislike novels with a boring opening scene where the only thing that happens is the main characters' falling instantly in lust with one another.

I also disliked the behaviour of Frannie's "protectors", who basically act like gangsters, beating up the hero in his own house during his sister's wedding reception, for a flimsy and ridiculous reason, besides being utterly idiotic, given that the guy they beat up has a LOT more political power than they and could make life very difficult for them if he chose.

I gave up on the book not much after this, after the hero has met the heroine exactly twice, for about 10 minutes in total, and says to her "I'm always aware of your nearness." Cheesy pick-up line or what? 10 minutes of face time and two encounters is nowhere near "always"!