Julie Anne Long's "It Happened One Midnight"

It Happened One Midnight - Julie Anne Long

Giving this one three stars - I liked it, but it didn't really ignite any fires for me, and there were quite a few spots where the characters' motivation didn't ring true or the plot didn't flow smoothly. The most interesting character in the book is actually Isaiah Redmond, the hero's father, who reads an absolutely priceless lecture to Jonathan near the beginning of the book about how he has to grow up, marry respectably and do his family proud. I hope Isaiah appears again (in Lyon's story, perhaps?).  


Another plus is that Julie Anne Long's editors did a much better job with this book than her previous one - I hardly noticed any typos at all, and the scene with the girls speaking French to Countess Mirabeau had only two real mistakes in it (they used a singular verb and adjective for a plural object, "cheveux"), although the French sentences were at a primary-school level and looked like "Google translate" versions of English sentences. Which I suppose is acceptable in this case, because the speakers were English girls trying out their schoolroom French.