Grace Burrowes' "Nicholas, Lord of Secrets" - #2 in the Lonely Lords series

Nicholas: Lord of Secrets - Grace Burrowes

Ah, what a wonderful comfort read!  Just what I needed in this cold, cold miserable January. True, Nicholas could have fessed up to his secret a lot sooner, and I couldn't see the point of Nicholas' and Leah's separation, but all in all, this is a beautiful story with some lovely insights, descriptive passages and love scenes. Grace Burrowes always has an animal character in her stories, and this time it's a cute duckling who lives in the creek running through Hyde Park, whom Nick characterizes as a "scrapper". The secondary characters are outstanding - Ethan, Nick's half-brother, who gets his own story in the next book, Della, Nick's grandmother, Darius, Leah's brother, whose story is told in the first book in this series, even horrible old Wilton, Leah's father, and the Earl of Bellefonte, Nick's father, who instigates the marriage between Nick and Leah.