Grace Burrowes' "Andrew, Lord of Despair" - #7 in the Lonely Lords series

Andrew: Lord of Despair - Grace Burrowes


Enjoyable, but not as excellent as the next one in the series (Douglas). The title should be "Andrew, Lord of Guilt", because most of the book is about Andrew trying to get over his guilt about a tragedy that happened when he was 15 and that he blames himself for. And in the end, no guilt was even necessary!  (I don't think this is a spoiler because the book *is* a romance after all, where all problems are resolved by the end.)  


The book's heroine, Astrid, is pregnant, although her husband died in a hunting accident recently. Astrid and Andrew had a bit of a relationship about 4 years prior to the book, and then Andrew, because of his guilt, took off to foreign parts for 4 years and to get over Astrid, because he felt unworthy of her.  When Andrew comes back, he and Astrid more or less take up where they left off, and Andrew doesn't feel guilty about that because Astrid is already pregnant, so she can't have his baby. But of course, he plans to leave again as soon as Astrid has her baby, and Astrid has to try to convince him to stay with her. 


Douglas, the hero of the next book, is introduced in this book as the younger brother of Astrid's deceased husband. For most of the book he is suspected by Gareth and Andrew of causing the death of his brother and for wanting to kill Astrid and her baby too. There is a somewhat over-the-top murder plot going on in the book, with nasty things happening to Astrid. This aspect of the book was not very effective, IMO.


There is also a secondary plot about Gareth, Andrew's brother and the hero of the previous book in the series, and his wife Felicity, who is expecting twins. Another reviewer said this book might be hard to read if you're pregnant, because the twins have a very difficult birth, but all's well that ends well.