Grace Burrowes' "Lady Eve's Indiscretion" (#7 in the Windham series)

Lady Eve's Indiscretion - Grace Burrowes


Lady Eve is the second youngest daughter of the Duke of Windham, but at age 23 she is dangerously close to being declared a spinster. In fact, she's decided she doesn't want to marry at all, because of an "indiscretion" when she was much younger that ruined her for marriage (according to her). She is also a fabulously talented horsewoman who hasn't ridden a horse in seven years, after a riding accident that almost crippled her permanently. So our hero Lucas Denning's task is to convince Eve that she can ride and that she can fall in love and marry (him, of course), and he does this just splendidly. Along the way there is a nail-biter of a steeplechase horse race (a horse race that involves not just running down a track, but also clearing the types of obstacles that you would associate with show jumping) between Lucas' champion stallion and Lucas brother-in-law's fine horse. And a villain to defeat, although this aspect of the plot was pretty ho-hum and the villain was easy to spot.


Grace Burrowes has written another delightful romance with this book. Great romantic chemistry between Eve and Lucas. The horse racing aspects were very interesting to read (because they were actually about the horses, not the "stud book" that bored me to sleep in a book by another author) and Grace Burrowes obviously knows her stuff in this area.. So this one's a keeper for me.